Can anyone spot the two dummy lions?

Dummy lions

Hint: They are both bald and had hair transplant surgery done while they were in exile!!


3 responses to “Can anyone spot the two dummy lions?

  1. Aslamo alikum
    dear bro/sir dell
    hope u r fine.Believe me i m so much disappointed that u r still blocked on a specific forum where i would read ur informative posts regularly.I dont know what big crime have u committed there.If the problem was some of ur abusive comments (though i don’t know surely )which caused u to be banned there ,then i would must say that they have double standards there.i have seen more offensive and filthy comments by some users and they have not been blocked there .
    and why isnt ur blog not being updated since april 😦
    r u alright ??? i dont know u personally but still feel a strong connection with u .
    plz take well care of urself
    ALLAH hafiz

    • Wsalam,

      Thanks for your comment, I am around, I usually use, pkpolitics is now dominated by pro PMLN supporters. Inshallah I will update my blog soon, just been busy with personal issues. Taha care Allah Hafiz


      • awww thank u so much bro u bother to reply even u were busy …so surely i,ll be there to read ur posts. and i hope all of ur problems get solved soon inshaALLAh
        take care
        ALLAH hafiz

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