Gut wrenching tale of attrocities committed against “poor” Sharif Family

I just cannot believe the amount of hardships that Sharif family has faced over the years. First Bhutto  took away their factories, than Benazir toppled their government by conjuring up conspiracies and finally Musharaf removed their government and imposed Marshal law.  The only person that ever treated them nicely was Amir ul Momineen Zia ul Haq (hence all the praises), if it wasn’t for their grand savior Zia ul Haq where would they be now?

I think in recognition of their service for the people of Pakistan, we should give them funds from Benazir Income support program!!

Look at this shameless buffoon defending his pathetic tax evasion by doing good ole’ “randi rona” of his factories!!


A picture worth a thousand words!

A poor dog is taking a nap on the paltry monument built at the location where Benazir Bhutto died. But this dog is not the only one enjoying because of her death, there is another proverbial dog napping in the President’s house.