Najam Sethi – A paid Pesudo intellectual / بھاڑے کا ٹٹو

There is a famous Russian saying “Never trust a smiling man and a crying woman, both are dangerous”, this saying aptly fits Najam Sethi more soever than any other paid pseudo political pundit that disgraces our TV screens each night with his or her despicable presence.

Well, the cat is completely out of the bag now as this fiend is fully towing PMLN media cell’s line as seen in the latest episode of his brain curdling, stomach churning talk show on current affairs called “Aapas ki Baat” which should rather be called “Najam ki fart”. In his latest show, this lowlife mooch accused Imran Khan of collaborating with ISI and blurted out a statement that ISI is funding Imran Khan, what a pathetic attempt of character assassination!

Everyone who knows a little bit about PTI or Imran Khan would vouch that PTI is the only party in Pakistan that is fully funded by it’s supporters, but PTI also has a serious shortage of funds which is a prime reason why PTI has not been able to establish itself in political arena as it would have liked. It is also the only Pakistani political party that regularly publishes its “audited” financial reports!

I personally know people who used their pocket money to arrange Jalsas of PTI. In 2008, PTI’s budget was 2.6 Million and, in 2009, it was ~3.7 Million. PTI’s combined assets as of 2009 were PKR ~10 million. Majority of funding comes from overseas members, recently PTI had a very successful campaign in US, UK and Middle East which strengthened its financial position. PTI is a registered political party in US and UK and PTI USA is the largest contributor of funds to PTI and PTI USA LLC also publishes financial reports for the principle of transparency.

Sethi The Wretched, than accused Imran of meeting Musharraf, which has not only been categorically denied by PTI but the fact that this fabricated statement was first blurted in the media by a clown called “Azizi” – in a pseudo political talk show called “Hasb e Haal” which caters to people with sub average IQ and airs on Dunya TV, a channel run by GHQ’s toadies – makes his analysis much more ludicrous and also exposes his intellectual abilities or lack thereof.

Than this progeny of a Pig and a Warthog goes on to “attack” PMLN with a phony criticism about Kargil war! Everyone and their dog knows that no one gives a hootenanny about Kargil anymore. This is akin to Pkpolitics’ pathetic attempt of proving themselves as impartial towards PMLN in Coronary Politics in Pakistan. Najam Sethi has been promoting Pkpolitics on his facebook page (see quote from Aapas ki Baat’s FB page below) and this combined with an uncanny resemblance of PKpolitics’ shambolic analysis of current political situation with Sethi’s analysis is ample proof of who is running the show!

BTW, he has been accused of being a double agent by some as he very cunningly includes points in his analysis that seem to drive people’s opinion towards GHQ.

Aapas ki baat
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Also, let’s watch what he was doing yesterday afternoon, before recording his latest program about Ch. Bean’s blathering in the parliament!

میں نی بولدی او لوکو مرے اچ میرا یار بولدا

in a pseudo political talk show called “Hasb e Haal” which caters to people with sub average IQ  and it airs on Dunya TV, a channel run by GHQ’s toadies